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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mannion Custom Painting Proper Deck Preparation, Product and Application!

Our Ultimate Goal is Satisfied Customers

When you entrust your property to Mannion Custom Painting, we go out of our way to create a positive experience. We offer free estimates, consultation for coating and color selection, detailed proposals, excellent craftsmanship, and a written
warranty and guarantee on every project. Here we discuss our deck treatments:

A deck is an extension of your living space. It needs to be taken care of for
long lasting use. That's why we at Mannion Custom Painting, LLC go to great
lengths to do a top quality job. From start to finish we do it right the fisrt
time. With our years of experience we have perfected a process that covers most decks.
It consists of
Preparation, Product and Application!

These three steps done correctly will
Result in the best finish for your deck.Short changing any of these steps will only make for a poor quality job.

1) Prep- Deck got to be clean! I don’t care how old or new it is, it needs to be washed. In the hands of a pro the pressure washer is the ideal tool. In the hands of a novice it will damage your deck and shorten it’s life. Never I mean Never use bleach!!! Bleach only damages the wood’s fiber and does not I repeat does not kill mold. Bleach only make mold look like it is gone, but it’s not. Bleach actually spreads mold. Bleach can also void your terminate contact around your home if you have one. Got mold use a mold killer. There are other means of cleaning your deck, but if you pressure washed it you have raised the grain. The deck needs to be conditioned, check for a product in the home improvement stores.

2) Product- Can’t say enough here, but I will say you get what you pay for! I prefer oil semi transparent for most applications. Oil feeds the wood, draws out moisture and tends not to scuff off like latex. It’s water repellant and mold/mildew repellant as well. The semi allows the grain of the wood to show through too!

3) Application- Hands down got to brush and roll. Spray just don’t cut it! Spaying does not allow for energy transfer, it kind of just sits there. Hand brush and roll really presses the coating into the fiber for better protection and a long lasting finish.



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